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Sun Rays and Son Praise

As we finish up the summer school program, I reflect on all the fun activities the children participated in and the fun they had with the refreshing pools during the hot sunny days. The children certainly had lot of fun with all the summer activities that but we did not allow those fun activities to replace our devotion time or replace Christ. All the water play fun was a refreshing way to beat the heat during the summer but without Christ our souls would have been left parched!

Summer may for some feel like a good time to forget the routines that we follow during the school year. Freedom from routines make the summer program  a little less structured learning environment, but we did not neglect to study His Word or forget to pray with the students.

Jesus is always at the center of our school and was a revitalizing part of our summer program. This summer the hot sunny days were a mere reminder to turn the glory to the Son. Let us all let His light shine in us and through us.

By His grace,

Patti Smith


  • July 3rd
Summer Camp Began
  • July 4th
School Closed
  • August 29th - September 4th
School Closed
  • September 5th

Fall 2017 Semester Begins

Summer Camp

Our Redeemer School presented an exciting Summer Camp for our students. We had fun and exciting weekly themes planned. The children made crafts and participated in fun activities related to these themes. Our older students also had an academic review time planned into their day’s activities. Swim days were on Tuesday and Friday, helping us beat the summer heat. Though it was summer we did not take a vacation from our religious study of Jesus and His Word.  We, as always, began our morning in worship. We enjoyed participating in Our Redeemer Lutheran Church’s Vacation Bible School July 24th through July 28th.

Enrollment for Fall 2017

Fall enrollment is well underway.  There are still a few open spaces in some of our classes. We encourage you to tell your friends about our school and the great job we do at providing quality childcare and an excellent early childhood education.  We welcome visitor who would like to have a tour of our facility and learn more about our program.  We are a little school with a great big heart and a great place for little children to grow and learn.


Freedom Isn’t Free

This month we will celebrate a very important holiday. That's right; the 4th of July is America’s Independence Day. Independence means freedom and in America we enjoy a lot of freedom. We are free to attend the church of our choice to worship, we are free to choose where we want to live, we are free to pursue whatever career we wish, and we are free to choose most of the things that affect our daily lives.

However, freedom that we enjoy in our country is not free. Someone had to pay the price for us to have the freedom that we all enjoy. There have been men and women throughout the history of our country who have helped to pay that price. Some have served in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force. Many of them have fought in wars and some may have been wounded, while other paid the ultimate price, their life, for our freedom.

We have a lot of freedom, but the greatest freedom that we have is the freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. The Bible teaches that the penalty for sin is death, but you and I have been set free from this penalty. We have been set free because Jesus paid the penalty. Jesus died to set us free from the penalty of sin. Those who trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior have been given eternal life. This freedom wasn't free either. Jesus paid the price, the ultimate price.

This month as we celebrate Independence Day, let us all remember to thank God for those who have paid the price for our freedom. But even more important, let us remember to thank Jesus, who has set us free from the penalty for sin, because he was willing to pay the price.


Patti Smith

Summer Camp

Our Redeemer School presents an exciting Summer Camp for our students. We have fun and exciting weekly themes planned. The children will make crafts and participate in fun activities related to these themes. Our older students will also have an academic review time planned into their day’s activities. Swim days on Tuesday and Friday will help us beat the summer heat. Though it is summer we do not take a vacation from our religious study of Jesus and His Word.  We, as always, will begin our morning in worship. We look forward to once again participating in Our Redeemer Lutheran Church’s Vacation Bible School.

Enrollment for Fall 2017

Fall enrollment is well underway.  There are still a few open spaces in our classes, from the two-year-old potty training, Jungle Kids Class, to our oldest Pre-Kindergarten class. We encourage you to tell your friends about our school and the great job we do at providing quality childcare and an excellent early childhood education.  We welcome visitor who would like to have a tour of our facility and learn more about our program.  We are a little school with a great big hear and a great place for little children to grow and learn.



Father like Our Heavenly Father

Learning how God fathers His children can help prepare new fathers in developing their own parenting style, modeled after our Heavenly Father’s example. By closely studying God’s methods of parenting His children they will find qualities they too will wish to emulate.

Our Father in Heaven is always available to His children whenever they call on Him in prayer. When God answers us He is always mild and loving because his love for His children is unconditional. God wishes for all fathers to parent their children with the same kind of loving kindness.

Our Heavenly Father loves each of His children without limits. This is comforting for we never have to feel alone or abandoned. Children need to know that there is nothing that will ever diminish a parent’s love for them. The world often sets limitations on being valued and accepted.  It is critical that children know that their father will love them no matter what!

God came down to us on our human level through Jesus Christ, His Son. Humble yourself, fathers, so you can build a close relationship with your children. When God sees that His children have done all that they can do He carries them the rest of the way. Fathers, let your children do what they can for themselves but if they need your help, guide and support them so that they can be successful. Our Heavenly Father gives us hope even when the world has given up on us. Fathers, cheer your children on, continuously telling them how proud you are of their accomplishments.

Just as God’s laws for His children are consistent and unwavering, earthly fathers should provide the same consistency in their parenting style. Our Heavenly Father never gives up on us but allows us to suffer the consequences for our actions. God teaches us to be accountable for our actions. Fathers, you too need to allow your children to be accountable for their actions. Natural consequences are a great learning tool.

Of course no one expects anyone to be able to father as perfectly as our Heavenly Father parents us but the perfect parenting style has been modeled for you. Though your children may not perfectly follow the path you lay out for them they will always know that they can always turn to you for support and unconditional love.

In Christian Love,

Patti Smith


We look forward to honoring our fathers with a Father’s Day “DONUTS FOR DADS DAY” on Friday, June 16th from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM at the preschool. The dads are welcome to spend some time playing with their children on the school playground.


Please plan on joining us for worship on Sunday, June 11th at the 9:30 AM church service.  The teachers and aides will be recognized for their hard work in educating and caring for your children. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best early childhood education and loving care to our students.  The school children will sing praises to the Lord during the church service.


Our Redeemer Lutheran School will proudly present the graduating Preschool class of 2016 on Thursday, June 22nd at 6:30 PM at our Preschool Graduation.  We are very proud of each and every graduating Preschooler.  Many of our Preschool students have been with us since they were very little and it will be very hard for us to say “good-bye” as they graduate and leave our school.  Please join us at our Preschool Graduation as we congratulate our Preschool Graduates on their accomplishments and graduation.  Our hats are off to our Preschool Graduating Class of 2017.


Have you checked out a book from Our Redeemer’s Parent Library located in the school office?  What a great resource it is for Christian parenting books, marriage and relationship Christian encouragement, and even children and family videos.  Please take advantage of this resource!  To check out a video you simply write your name and the video name and the date you checked it out on the form posted on the side of the book shelf.  If you wish to check out a book fill out the form on the clipboard that is on the shelf. Please remember to return the books or videos in a timely manner so others may enjoy them as well. Thank you!


We will have our end of the school year “All Student School Picnic” right here on campus.  We will be serving a kid-friendly meal of pizza for the main course.  Fruit and dessert will be served.  All children will be charged either a lunch ticket or $3.75 for their lunch. All students are welcome to join us for this special day. If your child doesn’t have a hot lunch ticket, please pay for their lunch in advance in the office.


Summer Camp begins, Monday, July 3rd. If you want your child to attend our fun summer program and have not yet registered them please do so immediately so that they can be placed in the appropriate class.  We have planned a summer day camp filled with lots of fun activities and a scheduled academic review time for the children to help them keep their academic skills sharp! Daily academic review is critical for children not to forget over the summer what they worked so hard to learn during the school year.  We will have water plan or swim in our rubber pools or slip and slide fun on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Fun themes and daily crafts will make our camp program exciting as well as educational and fun.  Campers will also enjoy many cooking experiences during the summer. Don’t let your child be bored at home without playmates and activities planned for them.  Have him join us for daily fun-filled activities and academic review.

2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR

If your child is planning on returning for the 2017-2018 School Year and you have not registered him, please do so!  Open Enrollment is well underway and class space has been reserved for only those students who have turned in their registration forms and fees.  Don’t delay, save your child’s space!  We hope to see you in September! If you know someone looking for a great preschool please share our school with them.



If Lost…Return to Jesus

Children at preschool frequently misplace their jackets, toys they have brought from home, or their special blanket or teddy they brought for nap-time. As you can imagine the parents and children are very upset when these items get misplaced or get lost. We encourage the children’s parents to take precautions such as writing their child’s name on their personal belongings in the hope that when they are found they can be returned to the rightful owner.

In the Bible there a several stories that address the issue of items being lost then found. In Luke 15:8-10, Christ told the story of something that was lost—a valuable coin, which was equivalent to a day’s wages. The woman who lost the coin was so concerned about locating it that she lit a lamp, swept the house, and carefully searched until she found it. Then she told her friends “Rejoice with me, for I have found the [coin] which I lost!” Then Jesus gave the point of the story: “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

Jesus told this parable: "Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, 'Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.' I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent. (Luke 15:3-7)

According to the parable, the object of the shepherd's dedication was a lost sheep. That sheep wasn't necessarily a little lamb –which conjures up the image of a child. However, that sheep could have been full grown–an adult like you or me! The shepherd joyfully put it on his shoulders and carried it back to his own home. And it wasn't merely turned out into the open field with the others –he took it into his house with him! The sheep was lost and knew it was lost. Being lost was sufficient to know that it needed his shepherd. The shepherd also knew his sheep was lost. In the same way, our heavenly Father knows when we are "lost." He wants us to be saved. He died on the cross for our sins and wants to draws us to Him in a close personal relationship.

People are of a great value to God. Those who don’t know Him are lost in their sins. Christ paid the ultimate price by dying on the cross for everyone’s redemption. Do you know people who are lost? Ask the Lord to give you an opportunity to share the Good News with them so they can accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, no longer to be lost but to return to Jesus.

In Christian Love,

Patti Smith


May 12th is our annual Mother’s Day Tea for 8:30 am-9:30 am. We encourage all mothers to make arrangements to spend the hour with your child at our Mother’s Day Tea. An assortment of refreshments will be served to you and your child. You deserve the recognition and your child is looking forward to sharing the time with you. We love our mothers!


Our Prekindergarten class will have their photos taken on May 4th at 9:00 am. Parents will be receiving more information regarding this big event. Please make sure your child is on time to school that day, ha his picture money and is “picture ready!”


Donuts for Dads Day

Calling all fathers to our “Donuts for Dads Day” on June 16th.  Please mark your calendar and make arrangements to join us for donuts with your little darlings from 8:30 AM until 9:30 AM. Enjoy a delicious donut, coffee, juice, and fruit with your child at preschool.


On June 22nd at 6:30 PM our Prekindergarten students will receive their preschool diplomas during their graduation ceremony.  We are very proud of their hard work and academic accomplishments under the direction of their teachers, Mrs. Raelene Polcyn and Mrs. Season Eng.  Many of our Prekindergarten students have been part of Our Redeemer Lutheran School family since they were very little. We are so proud of them and we are going to miss them. Even if your child is not graduating from Prekindergarten, please plan on joining us for this celebration. May Jesus bless our graduating students.


June 23rd is the last day of the school year. We invite all of our students to join us for our end of the year picnic right here on campus. Students will be charged a hot lunch ticket of $3.75 for lunch. We will enjoy a yummy lunch and say good-bye to those who will be graduating.  We are so glad to have met you all and will hold you dear to our hearts.  Visit us often! If your child is returning next year make sure you have filled out the new registration form and paid the registration fee to save his/her space in the appropriate class.


Full-time and flex students may sign up for the EDP week, June 26th through June 30th to ensure a space.  There is no extra charge for these days for full and flex students as this fee has already been factored into your yearly tuition.  We will not be able to accommodate students who come half days.  Remember summer camp begins Monday, July 3rdWe will be closed July 4th. Please make sure to sign up early space is limited!  Review of curriculum will be done daily and many fun activities are being planned for a summer of fun!


Our Redeemer Lutheran School’s Summer School Program will consist of fun-filled themes, an academic curriculum that focuses on review of what your child has learned during the 2016-2017 school year. This year we open our summer school camp to graduating Kindergarten students. Please share this information with any families of children this age who are looking for a fun educational summer program in a safe setting. There will also be Bible study during our “Jesus Time.” We will safely swim in shallow wading pools of have water play on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Summer School begins July 3rd. See you there!!