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Our Redeemer Lutheran School’s Older Pre-Kindergarten Program’s curriculum has been carefully developed to prepare our students for success in Kindergarten as well as to lay a strong foundation for success throughout their entire educational career. This program meets the needs of the most advanced Pre-Kindergarten student by offering a “back to basics” approach that a focuses on reading, writing, and mathematics. The Older Pre-Kindergarten Program is an educationally based Kindergarten readiness curriculum that instills in the students the joy of learning and gives them the confidence and desire to want to be life-long learners.  Though the Older Pre-Kindergarten Program’s curriculum is academically advanced there has been much attention given to how to present the material in a way that it is developmentally appropriate for four and five year olds. Various teaching methods are used to accommodate the different learning styles of all the students in the class. Since young children learn best by actively doing many hands-on learning materials are provided. Children in this class are given many opportunities for exploration and independent discovery and learning. 

Mathematics is an integral part of the core curriculum of the Older Pre-Kindergarten Program. Children are taught to count to 100, recognize numerals, are introduced to fractions, learn geometric shapes, are taught measurements and patterning, learn sorting, sequencing and classification, are taught ordinal and cardinal numbers, learn graphing, telling time by the hour and half hour, and are able to recite the days of the week, and months of the year. These are just a few of the math concepts that are taught in the Older Pre-Kindergarten Program. Students learn to add and subtract with the use of math manipulatives and then graduate to being able to do math computations on paper. The students learn to appreciate the relevance of having strong math skills for everyday life experiences.

Pre-reading and reading skills are a strong focus of the Older Pre-Kindergarten curriculum. Students learn letter recognition, both upper and lower-case letters as well as phonics. The students in this class learn to blend sounds together to read and spell three and four letter words. Most of the students in the Older Pre-Kindergarten class will begin to read simple sentences. What an exciting time it is for the students when they discover that they can read! The children in this class are also taught reading comprehension as they listen to literature that is read to them and then discuss the stories in great detail as a class. Plot summary, character development, and predicting the outcome of the story are some of the topics that are discussed during story time. Children in this class develop the love of literature and a keen desire to learn to read. 

The Older Pre-Kindergarten students learn to print numerals, letters, their first and last names, words and even simple sentences. The students in this class are provided various fun pre-writing skill activities until they develop the skill and confidence to begin to print. By making handwriting fun and easy the students are eager to want demonstrate their printing skills on paper. 

Social Studies is one of the subjects that are taught in the Older Pre-Kindergarten that the students find very interesting. The Older Pre-Kindergarten students study units on families, their community, community helpers, and learn about many famous Americans in history. The students are also taught about different cultures throughout the world. The Social Studies curriculum is designed to help the students understand more about the world and their place in it. 

Our science curriculum introduces the students to the wonders of God’s creation. The class studies many science topics of interest such as our five senses, the four seasons, plant and animal life, magnets, insects, dinosaurs, ocean life, the organs of our bodies, and any other science topic that the children express an interest in. The students in the Older Pre-Kindergarten class enjoy exploring, observing and hypothesizing the outcome of simple experiments at our classes Science Center. The Science Center offers hands-on science materials that change monthly. 

The creativity of children is highly valued within our school and in the Older Pre-Kindergarten classroom. Children are encouraged to express themselves through music, painting and drawing, the creation of three-dimensional art pieces, puppetry, and dramatic play. 

Listening and communication skills are also taught in this class. Students in this class are taught to listen attentively, raise their hands and wait to be called on to speak, act on the instructions that are given, engage in a question-and-answer dialogue with peers and the teacher, and to work as a team on project that require group problem solving. These skills are important for Kindergarten readiness.

Every morning we begin our day with a devotional time. Bible stories are taught and songs of praise are sung. The students are taught about Jesus and His love for them. The students learn that their words and actions are one way we show God’s love to others. The children are taught to be compassionate and kind to others.

Our Redeemer Lutheran School’s Older Pre-Kindergarten class is a nurturing environment where each child’s uniqueness is appreciated and celebrated. The class has the highest academic standards that prepare the students well for Kindergarten. Our Redeemer Lutheran Schools’ Older Pre-Kindergarten students enjoy an exciting year of exploration and learning.